Windup Hearts

Heart with Gears 2Just signed the contract for my “love story” novella: Windup Hearts with Curiosity Quills. They want to fast-track it so that it will be out in e-book format before Valentine’s Day. It will also be included in a Curiosity Quills’ anthology scheduled for later in 2014.

Wind-Up Hearts

A Novella by Stan Swanson

“Can love break a heart made of steel?”

If one’s heart is constructed of metal and considered indestructible, can love and romance still find a place within? That is the question facing Henry Thackery who spends over a hundred years pursuing the woman of his dreams—Emily Harding. After Henry and Emily  become recipients of the Merganthol Circulatory Assistance Device, we follow their journey from 1875 to the present day and Henry’s unflinching quest to convince Emily (the love of his life) to become his bride. Will Henry be successful in his pursuit of love or will Emily ultimately “break” his indestructible heart? A tale of romance more than science fiction, Wind-Up Hearts will tug at the strings of your heart whether it be mechanical or flesh and blood.

Horror High School

HandsMina Matthews and myself are just finishing up on the first round of edits on our next book.

The first installment of our Horror High School series (Return of the Loving Dead) is scheduled to be published next spring (2014) by Curiosity Quills Press.

We have also discussed possible cover art options with the artist. It’s all very exciting, but keeping us very busy as well.

We’ve also already started plotting the second book in the series. We’re keeping all of the characters people will come to love in the first book and adding a couple of mysterious new combers as well. Stay tuned!