Finding Poe by Leigh M. Lane


TODAY: Finding Poe by Leigh M. Lane

Finding PoeThanks so much for considering my work for promotion on your blog.  I would like to give my Gothic horror, Finding Poe, a little nudge.  It is not my newest book, but it is the one I feel is most deserving of more attention.  My short argument:

I believe horror should work on multiple levels, and I’m a big advocate for the resurgence of classic tropes.  I wrote Finding Poe as an homage to not only one of the greatest writers of all time but also to a genre that deserves far more attention on the contemporary front.  The Gothic structure is as elegant as the language use it requires.  It turns terror and suspense into art in its purest form.
My motif has long been, “Words are like shards of stained glass. By themselves they’re worthless; however, when placed together in just the right way, they can become brilliant works of art.”  In no other genre is this more evident.  Gothic horror is immersive, elusive, and disturbing all at once.  Few writers have done justice to the genre as deeply and beautifully as has Poe.
When I set out to write Finding Poe, I had in mind a meta-Gothic story.  That is, I wanted to write a novel that not only fit the Gothic requirements but also offered an analysis of the genre itself.  What resulted was a mosaic pieced together from elements of Poe’s greatest works.  Fans will notice references from over twenty of his poems and short stories.  Moreover, they will notice an underlying theme that pulls those pieces into a cohesive whole.  The work is a puzzle in and of itself, and those who solve it will have a deeper understanding of what drove the Gothic master himself.
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TATS by James Hoch


TODAY: Tats by James Hoch

TatsHave you got a tattoo? You might look at it a whole lot differently if you give my new novel, TATS, a reading. TATS is a fast pace sci-fi, techno-thriller. Imagine if you combined the movie Village of the Damn with the Universal Soldier and round it out with the gang movie, Colors. Voila, you’ve got ingredients for TATS.

Here’s a brief synopsis: Geneticist Dr. Chaz Yelko finds the elusive answer to creating the super soldier. However, an unscrupulous partner leaks the experimental compound out in a tattoo ink before it was ready. A group of teens from a rural Iowa high school get the new tat only to discover that now they are beefed up, psychotic, and possess telepathic capabilities. Dermatologist, Dr. Burk Franks, while trying to remove a tat from one of the teens, is abducted by the group and finds himself on a cross-country road trip to LA as the new tat artist for a vicious LA gang. An Albuquerque tattoo artist, Mercy Hawkins, similarly finds herself taken unwillingly to LA, forced to place the special tattoos on a rival gang. Efforts to retrieve the special ink lead retired agent, Casey Martin, into a confrontation with an Iranian black ops agent who is intent on securing the ink. Conspiracy, military cover-up, and intrigue weave throughout this contemporary edgy, thriller in the style of Michael Crichton and J. A. Konrath.

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