In The Works

With the upcoming release of the first book in the Horror High School series (Return of the Loving Dead), Araminta Star Matthews and I are busy planning the second book in the proposed young adult trilogy. We don’t have a working title yet, but we are planning to add a vampire to the mix. And this kid won’t be the sparkling kind. Whether he’s good or bad, well, you’ll just have to wait and see.


The Methlands (with Joe McKinney) possible 2015 release
     When you overdose on this new form of meth you don’t die. But you might wish you had. This apocalyptic tale is set in the very near future, but Central Ohio is not the place you would want to be. The U. S. government has abandoned Columbus and the surrounding areas which are now infested with crazy tweakers, meth zombies and lots of other bad guys and girls. There are still pockets of survivors fighting to overcome the odds, but this looks like a stacked deck from the beginning for Jack Sawyer and his crew.
Dead Sparrows (2014 release)
     A collection of apocalyptic poetry with cover art from Marge Simon.
Running From Ghosts (with Mandy DeGeit) probable 2014 release
     You can blame it all on his terrible childhood in this horror-based novella, but that is of little solace to this serial killer’s victims.
Threads (with Jay Wilburn)
     Set in a steampunk futuristic world, you won’t want to miss this young adult thriller.
An Ezekiel Stone Mystery: Real Vampires Don’t Eat Quiche
     Supernatural horror mystery pulp detective novella with more than a touch of humor.


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