Inspiration for Songwriters (Stony Meadow Publishing)
The Songwriter’s Journal (Stony Meadow Publishing)
Write of the Living Dead (Dark Moon Books)


Dragontooth (Stony Meadow Publishing)
Forever Zombie (Dark Moon Books)
Return of the Scream Queen (Dark Moon Books)


Slices of Flesh (Dark Moon Books)


The Book of the Month Club (Dark Moon Digest #2)
The Smell of Death (Dark Moon Digest #3)
First Day on the Job (Dark Moon Digest #4)
Stairway to Heaven (Dark Moon Digest #5)
Hail to the Chief (Dark Moon Presents: Zombies)
Running With The Pack (Frightmares anthology)
Finis (Frightmares anthology)
I Am Not Afraid (Slices of Flesh anthology)
The Boy (Dark Moon Digest #7)
Sludge (Bleed anthology)


Stan Swanson, Bram Stoker Award finalistStan Swanson’s first excursion into creative writing was a poem published in the local newspaper when he was 8 years old.

A few years later his 8th grade teacher was so impressed by his science fiction short stories that she sent them off to a University of Colorado English professor who told him he had the makings “of a true yarn spinner”. He won a literary award in high school for one of his poems and was the entertainment editor of the school newspaper for two years.

After a three year stint in the Army, Stan worked as a writer, columnist and editor for a Denver area newspaper. He also worked as the entertainment editor for Denver Magazine.

Stan formed Computer Publications Unlimited in 1985 and published a computer magazine, The Computer Connection for several years. He spent twenty years with a major Denver-area printing and publishing company and left his production manager position there in the late 90’s.

The Dragons of Shadara was Stan’s first book and was released through AuthorHouse in 2003. After additional research into the world of publishing, he formed Stony Meadow Publishing in 2005 as a means to publish additional works.

Stan, who is also an avid singer/songwriter, has also written and published two books geared towards songwriters. Inspiration For Songwriterswas released in 2006 and The Songwriter’s Journal in 2007. You can listen to (and even purchase) a couple of his songs on his MySpace page at

He found an interest in the horror genre in 2011 and his first collection of short stories, Forever Zombie, was released by Dark Moon Books. He teamed up with Michael McCarty and Linnea Quigley (of Return of the Living Dead fame) and wrote Return of the Scream Queen which was also published by Dark Moon Books. Most of 2011 was spent co-authoring a book on writing with Araminta Star Matthews and Rachel Lee: Write of the Living Dead. The book was well received and is even being considered for classroom use.

The balance of 2011 was spent collecting and editing flash fiction horror stories which resulted in the Bram Stoker Award anthology finalist, Slices of Flesh.

His newest work (with co-author Araminta Star Williams) will be released in the Spring of 2014. Horror High School: Return of the Loving Dead is the first of a trilogy scheduled to be released by Curiosity Quills Press.

He is currently working on a supernatural horror pulp detective novella (Real Vampires Don’t Eat Quiche), a dark poetry collection (Dead Sparrows), a steampunk young adult novel with Jay Wilburn (Threads) and an adult horror novel with award-winning author Joe McKinney (The Methlands).

Stan currently resides in Largo, Florida with his wife, Joy. He has three children and six grandchildren. And, yes, he is starting to feel like maybe he is getting old…

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