Dragontooth: The Prequel

Dragontooth Cover JPEGDragontooth: The Prequel

Stan Swanson
Retail Price: $12.95
Publisher: Stony Meadow Publishing
Publication Date: September  2009
Pages: 190
ISBN: 978-0-9787925-4-1

It is time for a rare occurrence in the kingdom of Shadara. It is time for the “hatching” of a White Dragon. This event signals a time to reaffirm commitments made long ago between dragon and man. The ceremony also celebrates the anointing of the kingdom’s chosen heir. Under normal circumstances, this is always the king’s eldest son. Mostly pomp and circumstance, it still carries great tradition and meaning. But something extraordinary happens at this hatching ceremony when the newly born White Dragon anoints a common stable boy as the next king. Timothy Bright is as confused as anyone when he is chosen by the White Dragon. The menacing Lord Flagg, on the other hand, is one of the few who knows the truth. We are also introduced to two members of the Council of the White Dragon: Sebastian, an intelligent, quick-witted Cloud Dragon and Clarence, a common (don’t tell him that) Forest Dragon. Throw in an evil Shadow Dragon (as if Lord Flagg isn’t enough) and you have quite a cast of characters. The Dragons of Shadara is an exciting adventure with heroes and villains alike that will keep you turning pages long after “lights out.” (Ages 12 and up)



My daughter is the one who actually read this book. She is eleven. She loved it. She immediately came to me asking me to find the sequel. Unfortunately, the sequel is not in existence yet. However, I strongly recommend this book. It is a short, easy read for tweens, and my daughter really enjoyed it! (Jennifer Word)

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