Slices of Flesh

Slices of Flesh coverSlices of Flesh
anthology edited by Stan Swanson
2012 Bram Stoker Award® nominee
Retail Price: $16.95
Publication Date: March 29, 2012
Publisher: Dark Moon Books
Pages: 336
ISBN: 978-0-9850290-9-8

Do you like your horror in small bite-sized chunks? If so, then SLICES OF FLESH from Dark Moon Books will activate your taste buds like zombies drawn to fresh brains. These flash fiction stories oozed from the brains of some of the best horror writers from around the world and will fit perfectly into your daily diet of “scary.” SLICES OF FLESH includes the following short horror tales: Acceptance (Reesa Brown), Air Baby (Stephen Volk), All Paths Lead to Psychopath (Sephera Giron), Althea’s Mistake (Jennifer Word), Angst (Fran Friel), The Bastard Called Hope (Jennifer Brozek), Big Bite (Rick Hautala), Blame the Neighbours (Kaaron Warren), Bloody (Lorelei Shannon), Blue (J. R. Parks), Bones, Bones (James S. Dorr), Bones Lie Quietly Now (Nate Kenyon), Breathe (Brad C. Hodson), Burial Ground (Simon Clark), Carb Friendly (David C. Hayes), Chains of Love (Del Howison), The Collector (Jacob Ruby), Costumes (J. F. Palma), Cur (Shelly Towne), Cutter (David Dunwoody), Dear Jimmy (D.L. Snell), Demon (Michael O’Neal), Devoured (Jeremy C. Shipp), Dryad (Laura Benedict), Dwindling (Kevin McClintock), Etched Deep (David Niall Wilson), Every Time a Bell Rings (Araminta Star Matthews), Ex Voto (Graham Masterton), Extinction (Janice Gable Bashman), Fallen Leaves (Michelle Mellon), fambly (Jeremy M. Zoss), For Worse (Steve Voelker), Chomps (Sierra Christman), The Fourth Wall (Jack Nealy), Fresh Air (Lon Prater), Grampa’s Lucky Coin (Peter Timony), Heart Throb (Linda Addison), Hoodies (Paul Kane), How to Make a Monster (Adrian Ludens), I Am Not Afraid (Stan Swanson), I Am Not Going to Be That Guy (Lance Shoeman), If You Go Out in the Woods Tonight (Nancy Holder), In the Fullness of the Moon (Nancy Kilpatrick), Intertwining Tales (Timothy P. Remp), Into the Death Zone (Tim Lebbon), It’s Just Business (Matthew Warner), Jumping In (Aaron Polson), Just One of the Gang (William F. Nolan), Kelly Wants to be Free (Wayne Simmons), Laid Down (Ramsey Campbell), Last Call (M. R. Sellars), Love Disappears (J. W. Schnarr), Magnum Opus (Lori Michelle), Monster (Max Booth III), MRM (Connie Corcoran-Wilson), Nothing (Douglas Smith), Overtime at the Beheading Factory (Tom Cardamone), Paper or Plastic (Roy Robbins), Perishables (Amy Grech), Picnic (R. B. Payne), Polaroids (Jack Ketchum), Predator and Prey (Fred Wiehe), The Prisoner of Andersonville (Eric J. Guignard), Puddles (Bryan Hall), The Real Deal (Anne C. Petty), Rudy Jenkins Buries His Fears (Richard Thomas), The Rush (Lisa Morton), Sabbatical in the Methlands (Joe McKinney), The Shadow of a Doubt (C. W. LaSart), She. Her. You. (Kevin James Breaux), Snuffbox (Erin Eveland), Soul Of The Dog (Lee F. Jordan), Spit (Jeremy Wagner), Spot (Charles Gramlich), Stab (Lawrence Watt-Evans), Striped Pajamas (Marge Simon), Sumpahump (JG Faherty), Swallow (Simon Strantzas), Then, Just A Dream (Lawrence Santoro), Things Fall Apart (Christopher DiLeo), Today, I’m Marshall Mason (Charlie Fish), Touch (Marie O’Regan), Under Dale (Susan Palwick), Vade in Pacem (Monica J. O’Rourke), Van Helsing: His True Story (Jason V Brock), Wetback (David Tallerman), What I’ve Gots in My Pocketses (Chantal Boudreau), When The Dead Rise (Sandy DeLuca), Who Is Screaming (Stewart Carrick) and The Wrath of Benjo (Edward M. Erdelac).

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I kid you not. You will love the hell out of this collection of flash fiction. The Slices of Flesh stories have a taste all of their own and an originality of flavor you will never soon forget. You don’t need a large steak knife and fork to dig in, just peel back the pages one by one and enjoy the written word. Every story in this anthology is top notch. A few of my favorites are: Bones Lie Quietly Now, Ex Voto, Magnum Opus, The Wrath of Benjo, Sumpahump, Cur, Bones,Bones, Monster and I Am Not Afraid. You NEED to get this anthology—you will not regret it!
—TC Bennett

Horror flash fiction is the best way to get hooked on the genre. A little tidbit here, another taste there, and then it is all you crave. What is great about this anthology, is that you get the opportunity to discover new authors that you never read before. And what’s also nice, is the stories get better and better as you go along. Some of my favories were “Etched Deep” by David Niall Wilson, “Hoodies” by Paul Kane, “Its Just Business” by Matthew Warner, “Overtime at the Beheading Factory” by Tom Cardamone, “Sumpahump” by JG Faherty, and “Predator and Prey” by Fred Wiehe, just to name a few. There’s a lot of great talent within these pages eager to scare the pants off you.
—Gerry Griffiths

Top-notch collection of short horrors, the highlight of which being (in my opinion) Steve Voelker’s “For Worse”. A good collection to have around on a dark, rainy night, that is, before the power goes out!
—Charles Gaskell

In full-disclosure mode, I’m one of the 90 or so contributors to this book . . . writers such as Jack Ketchum, Simon Clark, Ramsey Campbell, Nancy Holder, Tim Lebbon, Graham Masterson, Kaaron Warren, William F. Nolan. William F. Nolan for crineoutloud! Stan Swanson has put together a really good-looking book with cover art by Mike Mignola. Yes. That Mike Mignola, HELLBOY’s Mike Mignola. Anyway. The talent pooled here is first rate and the work presented, while in bite-sized portions, is excellent; some is harsh, some delicate, some touching, some funny, some enigmatic . . . Oh, I heartily recommend this little wander through the abattoir.
—Lawrence Santoro

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