Interview from Last Writes blog

This interview was conducted by Max Booth III as part of a series on Dark Moon Digest’s blog, Last Writes and was published on Halloween 2013.

1) Why did you begin Dark Moon Digest?

I’ve always loved horror stories. I hung around with a guy named Moses for a while and he had some great tales about staffs turning into serpents and rivers turning into blood. I thought it would be cool to collect some of those horror tales and distribute them amongst the people. However, it didn’t seem practical at the time. I mean, Moses was carrying around information on these huge stone tablets. So I figured I’d better wait. Can you imagine the postage on those suckers? The time felt right a few millennium later. I believe it was October of 2010. Hopefully we’ll still be around another century or two. That, of course, all depends on when the actual zombie apocalypse arrives.

2) How has it survived all this time?

Well, we tried throwing it in a canvas bag and tossing it into a lake, but that didn’t work. Luckily it couldn’t fall asleep (it’s a book after all) so Freddy Kruger didn’t have a shot at it either. I guess it’s like a cat. Without the hairballs, but still has nine lives. I think we’ve used up six or seven of those lives to date, so it’s up to you to save the world and buy a few issues. It’s worth every gold bar you send our way. (We’ll even pay the postage as we know gold weighs a lot.) Or you can buy it at our website, our blog or even at online bookstores like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

3) Did it go in the direction you originally intended?

We originally wanted it to go in a southeasterly direction, but it headed north by northwest. Probably a Hitchcock fan. Nowadays it just seems to wander in whatever direction the wind blows. It is made out of paper after all. Hmmmm. . . . guess I could have used papyrus scrolls way back then instead of stone tablets, couldn’t I? Oh, well, water under the bridge.)

4) Tell us about Dark Moon Books

First of all, I want to know who “us” is. For all I know these questions could be coming from the CIA or FBI or Edward Snowden or even Rush Limbaugh. Jeez, I could end up in Guantanamo Bay or finding myself on the “Small World” ride at Disney on an endless loop. (Ha! Now try and get that song out of your head for the rest of the day!) Other than that you can also use gold bars to buy the dozens of Dark Moon titles currently available.

5) What is the future of DMB and DMD?

Our current plan is to place implants into all newborns. The implant will activate when they reach the appropriate age and all Dark Moon Digest stories will be delivered directly to their cerebral cortex.
Now, about the question that wasn’t asked. Does the Devil really play the fiddle and did he actually go to Georgia? I have my doubts. I see him more as a saxophone player.
Oh, yeah, and Stephen King. I only mention him in the hope that web bots scouring the internet will find his name and get our site a few more hits.
Swanson, out! (Take that, Ryan Seacrest . . . )